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Snakebitten (Book 1 of 3 in the series)

Mix 600 horsepower of hand built Mustang Cobra, a life threatening set of unfortunate events, the mob, and four eighteen-year-olds--and you have the ride of your life and the formula for big trouble. Get a copy of Snakebitten and try to keep up with Daren, Wanda, and their friends as they race around the twisted roads of the San Francisco Bay area in a harrowing fight for survival. (Soon in paperback.) D Rotterman is a lifetime hot rodder. During high school and college, he focused on science and engineering when not buried under a hood, and won acclaim for his creative writing in the spirit of O’Henry. He now designs zero energy green homes, sculpts in metal and wood, and writes constantly. He’s grateful to his two kids, Camille and Skylar, for coaxing him to write this book.


Daren Cheney, a smart, reclusive, California senior at San Mateo’s Highland High School, is the only child from a dysfunctional family, a talented mechanic, and an all-state safety on the football team. All he ever wanted was the respect of his friends and family, a beautiful girlfriend, and a really fast car, so, as the first step in achieving all these goals, he spends three years toiling in secret, turning a wrecked 1995 Ford SVT Mustang Cobra into a nitrous burning hot rod showpiece. Dreaming of being the star at his senior homecoming dance with the finished show car, Daren doesn’t imagine tripping and missing a tackle, causing his team to lose by inches to De La Salle, the top ranked team in the nation. He hasn’t planned on the rejection by his team and fans and the resulting humiliation. He hasn’t figured that an incident that simple could change his world in ways he couldn’t fathom and nearly cost him his life. SNAKEBITTEN is the story of Daren; his mixed-race girlfriend, Wanda; her twin brother, Brad; his Hispanic girlfriend, Dora; and their life changing adventures catalyzed by that missed tackle. Entangled with the hotblooded romance of two devoted, rebellious teenage couples, the action is non-stop, including an NHRA pro-stock win, a brutal kidnapping, a vicious gambling network, an unforgiving mob vendetta, and a swim in the Pacific that Daren will never forget. SNAKEBITTEN by his powerful car and the merciless forces of fate, Daren learns invaluable lessons about friendship, loyalty, and eluding death.